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How to Treat a Knee Injury

One of the most common injuries in sports that requires rotational knee movement — such as soccer, basketball, football, and tennis — is a torn ACL. ACL is an acronym for Anterior Cruciate Ligagment. This is the part that controls back and forth movements of the knee, prevents the tibia from sliding out, and gives […]

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Athletes & Spinal Injuries

If you’re an athlete, than you are far more likely to experience a debilitating back injury in your lifetime than most people. Of those common back injuries, a herniated disc (or ruptured disc) is the most likely form that you will encounter. What exactly is a herniated disc, and how does it occur? Herniated & […]

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How to Watch Sports Anywhere

People have a lot of different hobbies and leisure activities. My favorite by far it’s watching sports. I’m into all kinds of different sports and watch them all throughout the year. This includes football, basketball, soccer, golf, tennis, baseball, boxing and even racing, I really do love them all. Well I do have cable TV, […]

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Best Sports for Senior Athletes

It’s proven that living an active lifestyle and participating in regular exercise can help lead to a longer and higher quality of life. But as we age, it can be harder and harder to get the right kind of physical activity necessary to combat the risk of heart disease and diabetes. That’s why we have three […]

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